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Besides being experienced, masterful auto mechanics, the technicians at Klinger Tire & Auto Service are personable human beings with a knack for customer service. Unbeatable client treatment is what we strive for every single day in the shop; it is what informs our every action in regards to doing business. This is why, for instance, our repair team has the quickest turnaround for projects in the area. We take into account how vital your vehicle is to your day-to-day operations, and we get your car back at a record pace.

Proper customer service also entails clear and constant communication, and Klinger Tire & Auto Service understands this concept to the utmost degree. From the moment you drop off your car for repair or maintenance, our technicians will keep you informed about every detail, from the initial quote (which will be honored), to the timeframe of the project, to preventive measures to take moving forward. We relish the opportunity to educate you about your vehicle and its intricacies and inner workings.

When you leave Klinger Tire & Auto Service, you will always do so with a car that is operating and looking like it is brand new. Otherwise, our technicians simply would not be satisfied. We do not rest until your vehicle is in tip-top condition, period.

Klinger Tire & Auto Service of Jersey City, NJ has become known for incredible client service. Find out for yourself—get in touch with us over the phone and schedule an appointment!

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