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Whether your car service entails suspension repair, tire change, exhaust service, or anything else, Klinger Tire & Auto Service will be prepared to provide the perfect solution in swift fashion. We have garnered renown in the area for quality, affordable auto repair for a reason.

Our fully trained technicians are ASE-certified; they will always provide professional, sophisticated technical repair and maintenance using only the most modern and innovative computer diagnostic equipment. Our team does everything from major repair to routine of fixes:

• Towing Services
• Shocks and Struts
• Transmission Work
• Fuel System
• Tune Ups
• Engine Diagnostics
• Belts and Hoses
• Coolant Exchange
• Air Conditioning
• Auto Glass Installation
• Battery and Electrical
• Brake Service Packages
• Balancing and Wheel Alignment
• Tire Installation
• Preventive Maintenance
• Filter Replacement
• Oil and Filter Change

One of the things that separates Klinger Tire & Auto Service from the competition is how quickly (and yet, how accurately) we work. Once you drop your car off for service, do not stray too far! Before you know it, your vehicle’s problem will be fixed, and you will be back on the road.

Be careful not to confuse our rapid service for rushed service, however. Klinger Tire & Auto Service does not adhere to “quick fixes” that are prone to unraveling shortly thereafter. Our technicians have simply honed their skills to such a high degree, that even complex repairs do not take as long as expected. In other words, our team knows exactly what to do, and we do not waste any time doing it.

Klinger Tire & Auto Service is the #1 auto repair shop in Jersey City, NJ. For an auto mechanic that is well versed in suspension service and all auto care in general, call us today!

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